Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are Dental Exams & Cleanings?

A dental exam and cleaning are crucial to keeping your teeth healthy. It’s recommended that you have an exam and cleaning done every six months as part of your preventative care routine. The exam checks for signs of cavities and other intra-oral related problems. The cleaning is done by a licensed hygienist who works to remove tartar, plaque and stains from your teeth.

Why are Dental Exams & Cleanings needed?

Exams and cleaning are necessary because they keep your smile looking and feeling its best. Even with the best at-home care, you may still have buildup on your teeth. Over time, plaque hardens into a substance known as tartar or calculus. The only way to remove this hardened plaque is with the help of a hygienist. Your gums are checked for signs of gingivitis and gum disease during this appointment as well.

What makes you a candidate for Dental Exams & Cleanings?

Every patient is a good candidate for both exams and cleanings. In fact, it’s a good idea to get your children in the habit of having regular appointments and to experience the benefits that this treatment can offer them. The procedure itself takes about an hour in our office. We can pre-schedule your appointments for you so that you never have to forget to come in.

What can be expected with Dental Exams & Cleanings?

First, we’ll take x-rays that are used as part of your preventative and diagnostic care. Our licensed and highly-trained hygienist will then work to clean your teeth. This is done to remove stains and hardened plaque from each surface. After the teeth have been polished and flossed, we will check your gums for any signs of gingivitis and gum disease. The next step is to have the exam done by one of our doctors. We will check for decay, signs of restoration problems and oral cancer. We recommend having these appointments every six months to keep up with the health of your smile.

If you need an exam and cleaning, call our office today and we will work to get you in for a conveniently scheduled appointment.