Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are incredibly common restorative options that help to replace one or more missing teeth. If you aren’t a good candidate for implants or if you’re looking for a less invasive option, a bridge can be placed to enhance your smile. Bridges are made to look and feel completely natural. They can last for decades with the proper maintenance and care given to them.

Why would Dental Bridges be needed?

The most common reason for needing a bridge is because you’re completely missing a tooth. Patients who don’t want an implant to be placed can have the tooth replaced with a fixed bridge. The bridge attaches to the surrounding teeth and the middle tooth is false, sitting securely on top of the gum line and replacing what is missing. Dentures are made out of durable and long-lasting materials so that you have a restoration that lasts for years.

Who’s a good candidate for Dental Bridges?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for the actual procedure, we’ll perform an exam and take x-rays. Most patients who need a bridge can safely and easily have the procedure done in our office. Bridges are great for patients who otherwise would not be able to have implants placed because of bone loss or surgical issues. The bridge is less invasive to place and more cost-effective for our patients.

What happens during the Dental Bridge procedure?

First, we administer a local anesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. We then file down the surrounding teeth so that they can fit the bridge comfortably. Impressions are taken of this area and we’ll make a temporary bridge that you’ll go home with the same day. You’ll come in for a second appointment to have the temporary removed and the permanent bridge placed. The new bridge is smoothed down and filed so that it fits perfectly. With proper care, your bridge can last for decades and provide you with a full, healthy-looking smile.

If you need a new dental bridge, call our office today and we’ll help to get you in for a conveniently scheduled appointment.