Dental Crowns (Same Day CEREC)

What are CEREC Dental Crowns?

CEREC technology allows us to create a permanent crown right in our office. This means that there aren’t any gooey impressions necessary and you won’t need to make a second appointment to have the permanent one placed. CEREC crowns are durable and can last for years. They’re ideal for patients who have teeth that have been compromised or need additional support.

Why are CEREC Dental Crowns needed?

Crowns are most often needed if a tooth has been compromised. This might occur if it breaks, cracks or fractures or if there’s a very large filling placed in the tooth. Crowns not only improve the aesthetic value of the tooth, but they can help to improve functionality as well. CEREC crowns prevent the need for a second appointment just to have the permanent placed.

What makes you a good candidate for CEREC Dental Crowns?

Most of our patients will benefit from CEREC technology. The procedure is easy and quick for individuals who do not want to come into the office multiple times just to have a crown placed. We will perform an exam to determine if you’ll need a crown. If a crown is needed, we will recommend CEREC technology as a quick and effective way of creating your new restoration.

What happens during the CEREC Dental Crown procedure?

First, we administer local anesthetic to make the appointment comfortable for you. Next, we’ll file down and smooth the existing tooth to create a small seat for the new crown. Digital impressions are then taken of the area and put into a revolutionary CEREC machine. The machine works to create your permanent crown while you sit in our office. The new permanent crown is then placed and smoothed into place. Your CEREC crown offers the same durability and stability as a typical crown, so you’ll have a restoration that lasts for years with proper care.

If you think you might need a crown and want to learn more about CEREC technology, call our office today and we’ll be happy to further assist you.